Algonquin Park 125th Anniversary Events

Bartlett Lodge offers 1 day guided tours that are available throughout our operating season, depending on the availability of our Lodge Naturalist. Information about these tours will be provided at the time of your check in. These tours are only available for guests who are staying for at least 2 nights. A minimum of 2 people are required for each tour and the cost is $90 per person, which includes a package lunch.

Algonquin Park 125th Anniversary Tour
Travel by canoe around Cache Lake with our Lodge Naturalist on this 4 - 5 hour tour. Explore the historic site of the Highland Inn, paddle to visit the abandoned railway trestles, and the opportunity to view a Tom Thomson painting site.

Algonquin Parkway Sightseeing Tour
Spend the day riding along with our Lodge Naturalist and learn more about the park's history and highlights along the parkway corridor, with opportunities to photograph scenic locations and hike some trails not visited by most Park visitors.

Twice weekly, our Lodge Naturalist will present evening programs in our guest lounge, on subjects related to the natural and human history of Algonquin Park. These presentations are complimentary for our lodge guests. A schedule will be provided when you check in. Topics vary and include:

Into the Park: Tom Thomson and His Last Years in Algonquin
Through photographs and print, learn about artist Tom Thomson, his arrival in the Park over a century ago and how he spent the last years of his life paddling & painting it, and the mystery surrounding his death and burial.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles: Cache Lake Historic Site
Cache Lake was once the hub of Algonquin Park and during its heyday was the location of Park Headquarters, Highland Inn and the Algonquin Park Railway Station. Learn about the history of Cache Lake and the impact that transportation has played on the area and park.

Wildlife of Algonquin Park
Discover more about Algonquin's wildlife, featuring some personal encounters with them, plus tips on how to find them.