Our Environmental Commitment

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At Bartlett Lodge, preserving our pristine wilderness environment for generations to come is a top priority. We have worked hard to retain the natural beauty and charm of our classic Algonquin Park lodge while remaining totally committed to environmental responsibility.

Over the years, we have introduced many innovative energy saving measures, utilizing environmentally friendly products and non-polluting practices into our day-to-day operations. Substantial Investments in the installation of a peat moss septic system and in solar power systems throughout the resort reap important savings in the consumption of fossil fuel and in protecting our fragile environment.

solar panels Our solar thermal hot water system provides hot water to our dining room. Our Silver Birches cabin contains a solar electric grid-tied system that provides power to the cabin and charges the batteries of our pontoon water taxi. Our Sunrise cabin is completely off grid. Future plans include reducing electrical consumption a further 30% by replacing electrical hot water heaters with high efficiency propane heaters and retrofitting electrically heated guest cottages with wood or propane systems.

Substantial Investments In 2006, Bartlett Lodge became the first resort in Ontario to switch its electricity supplier to Bullfrog Power - Ontario's only 100% green electricity company.

In the fall of 2008, Bartlett Lodge began an ambitious 5-year Renewable Energy Strategic Plan that would significantly increase Bartlett's present solar energy capability, dramatically reducing the resort's grid dependence. The plan calls for the installation of Photo Voltaic panels which will produce clean power to be fed on to Ontario Hydro's electricity grid. Upon completion, Bartlett will become a registered generator of green electricity under the Ontario Power Authority's Standard Offer Program. The Standard Offer Program allows operators of small renewable energy generating facilities to participate in Ontario's electricity supply system by supplying power through their local electricity distributors and getting paid a fair and stable price for the power they provide.

Bartlett Lodge In September 2009, Bartlett Lodge was awarded the 2009 Sustainable Tourism Award of Excellence by the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership. We are extremely proud to be recognized as an industry leader in sustainable, eco-friendly practices.