Guest News

New Guest Lounge - Isabel's Cabin
Cache Lake In keeping with our commitment to the environment and sustainable tourism, Bartlett Lodge has relocated an historic log building to our site to create a new guest lounge and two new guest rooms. The original building belonged to noted Canadian artist, Isabel McLaughlin, the daughter of R. S. McLaughlin, found of General Motors of Canada. The building was used by Isabel as a country retreat and her guests from time to time included Lawren Harris, Arthur Lismer and A.Y. Jackson as well as many other well known 20th century Canadian Artists. The guest lounge will also have a small display of original art and antiques, some of which will be for sale. For 2012, the theme of our Art display will be "Algonquin Park in Pencil".

Jack Pine

MORE Solar Power for Bartlett
In addition to the Sunrise, our completely off grid cabin, Bartlett Lodge continues moving forward with solar power installations. A solar electric grid-tied system was added to our Silver Birches cabin. This system provides power to the cabin and charges the batteries for our electric outboard motor on our pontoon water taxi. A Solar Thermal Hot water system was added to our main Algonquin lodge dining room. Also in 2006, Bartlett Lodge became the first Ontario resort to offer green electric-power by switching it's electricity supplier to Bullfrog Power - Ontario's only 100% green electricity company. Bartlett Lodge is one of few Ontario resorts that remains totally committed to environmental responsibility and backs that claim up with actions.

Media Releases

Award Winning March 2007 - Algonquin Resort Welcomes New Chef To Award Winning Dining Room
Algonquin Provincial Park has long been known as Ontario's premier wilderness refuge and eco-tourist destination. Encompassing over 7,725 square kilometres of pristine forests, lakes, rivers and wetlands, Algonquin Park attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. Day-trippers and overnight visitors alike, guests to the park know what to expect - gorgeous scenery, abundant wildlife sightings, educational facilities and all the pleasures that nature has to offer. What visitors may be surprised to find is superb gourmet dining in a first class lakefront restaurant, right in the heart of Algonquin Park.

Bartlett Lodge, an Algonquin Park resort, long regarded as a leader in environmental responsibility, is rapidly becoming known for the high standards it sets in its kitchen as well. Over the years, Bartlett Lodge has developed its reputation as one of few Ontario resorts totally committed to the implementation of environmentally friendly and non-polluting practices and products into its day-to-day operations. They were the first Ontario resort to offer green electric-power by switching its electricity supplier to Bullfrog Power - Ontario's only 100% green electricity company and this year, they have added a solar thermal hot water system to their dining room. Bartlett Lodge puts just as much care and imagination into the food that they serve and is rated as the one of the top restaurants in cottage country by the Toronto Life Dining Guide.

The 2007 season brings some exciting changes to Bartlett Lodge. Marc Lepine, a multi-award winning celebrity chef presently working at the highly rated Courtyard Restaurant in Ottawa, will be returning to Bartlett Lodge this year as Consulting Executive chef. Lepine, who was Executive Chef at Bartlett Lodge for four years in the 1990's, helped build Bartlett's reputation as a destination, fine dining establishment. His talent for infusing French-based cuisine with a contemporary panache will be reflected in the delectable menu offerings this season.

Marc Lepine's protégée Sarah Allen, a talented chef in her own right, will be Bartlett Lodge's new Executive Chef. Allen plans to focus the menu on quality ingredients, using the freshest locally available produce, meats and fish as well as an innovative vegetarian selection. Bartlett's fabulous dessert menu will continue to tempt diners.

Resort guests and visitors alike are welcome to enjoy Bartlett Lodge's 4 course contemporary cuisine fixed price dinners. The evening begins with a ride to the resort in Bartlett's motorized freighter canoe. Upon arrival, guest are immediately impressed with the beauty of the grounds and the way that Bartlett's owners have managed maintain the property in its pristine wilderness state. The dining room itself is causally elegant, with plenty of windows offering a view of the gardens and lake. Dinner guests are encouraged to bring their own wine to enjoy with dinner, as the resort is not licensed.

The unusual combination of a beautiful wilderness setting and innovative gourmet dining served with flair prompted the Muskoka Sun to comment that dining at Bartlett Lodge is "an experience that we would recommend to anyone looking for a day and a meal they will never forget."

Bartlett Lodge is Algonquin Park's resort dining at its finest.

February 2009 - Algonquin Park Lodge Announces 5-Year Renewable Energy Strategic Plan
Algonquin Park's Bartlett Lodge, a leader in the resort industry for implementing sustainable, eco-friendly, and energy-conserving operational practices, announce a 5-Year Plan to reduce energy consumption and significantly increase Solar Power Generation output.

Bartlett Lodge has been an Algonquin Provincial Park landmark since 1917 and its current owners, Marilyn & Kim Smith, are totally committed to environmental responsibility. They have demonstrated their dedication by introducing a number of innovative energy saving measures and utilizing environmentally friendly and non-polluting practices and products into the resort's day-to-day operations. The Smiths have just announced a plan, to be implemented over the next five years, which will significantly increase Bartlett Lodge's present solar energy capability.

In a move to become totally energy self-sufficient using green power, Bartlett Lodge's 5-year energy plan will build upon the improvements that have already been made. Currently, one of Bartlett Lodge's twelve cottages is completely off grid, serviced by solar power installations and two cabins are grid tied. The cabin's solar electric grid-tied system also charges the batteries of the electric outboard motor on the resort's water taxi. As well, the main lodge dining room has a Solar Thermal Hot water system. In 2006, Bartlett Lodge became the first Ontario resort to switch its electricity supplier to Bullfrog Power - Ontario's only 100% green electricity company.

Beginning in the fall of 2008, Bartlett's 5-year plan calls for Photo Voltaic panels to be installed. These panels will produce clean power that will be fed on to the Ontario Hydro electricity grid. To help them achieve their goals, Bartlett Lodge has hired Generation Solar Renewable Energy Systems Inc., a company that designs, installs and services a broad range of renewable energy systems for residential and commercial applications. Once the solar panels have been installed, Bartlett will become a registered generator of green electricity under the Ontario Power Authority's Standard Offer Program. The Standard Offer Program allows operators of small renewable energy generating facilities to participate in Ontario's electricity supply system by supplying power through their local electricity distributors and getting paid a fair and stable price for the power they provide.

A complete review of Bartlett's current electrical consumption will be undertaken with the goal to reduce consumption by 30% from present levels. To reach this goal, there is a plan to replace all of the lodge's electric hot water tanks with on-demand high efficiency propane heaters. As well, all of the guest cottages that currently are heated by electricity will be retrofitted with wood or propane heating systems.

Bartlett Lodge's 5-year plan demonstrates Marilyn and Kim Smith's leadership and dedication to conservation and renewable energy. Due to their sensitivity to the environment and the measures that they have taken over the years to preserve and conserve, Bartlett Lodge will remain a role model for those in the resort industry wishing to adopt sustainable and energy-saving operational practices.

May 2006 - Algonquin Park Resort Bartlett Lodge Takes the Lead in Preserving the Environment
Algonquin Provincial Park, located between the Ottawa River and Georgian Bay, is the oldest park in Ontario. It has a world wild reputation as a wilderness reserve and it is generally viewed as the most important place in Canada for biological and environmental research. Millions of people, from all over the world, visit the park every year. Established in 1893 as a wildlife sanctuary and to protect the headwaters of the five major rivers that originate in the Park, Algonquin Park covers 7,725 square miles of pristine wilderness. Home to hundreds of unique animal and plant species and dotted with countless lakes and wetlands, the Park is seen by many as one of North American's last wilderness frontiers.

With its designation as a wild life reserve and its mission to preserve its pristine natural state, there is little wonder that there are very few commercial establishments permitted inside Algonquin Park's gates. Bartlett Lodge, an Algonquin Park cottage resort landmark, is one such establishment. Located on Algonquin Park's Cache Lake, Bartlett Lodge is the park's smallest Historic Modified American Plan Resort. Since the lodge's opening in 1917, Bartlett Lodge has operated through out the years with great sensitivity to its unique wilderness environment, preserving its beauty to this day. As in the past, today's guest still arrive at this Algonquin Park resort by boat and, due to the great care that has been taken, they can enjoy the same unspoiled beauty that guests almost ninety years ago enjoyed.

Bartlett Lodge has implemented environmentally friendly and non-polluting practices and products into its day-to-day operations, including installing a peat moss septic system, building an entirely off-grid two-bedroom guest cabin, and recently becoming Bullfrog Powered for the lodge's electricity requirements. Bartlett is the first Algonquin resort to show its commitment to caring for the environment in this way.

Bullfrog Power is Ontario's first 100% green electricity retailer. It provides its customers with clean and reliable electricity derived from sources that are 100% renewable and nonpolluting such as wind power and low-impact waterpower, instead of environmentally harmful sources such as nuclear and coal. Wind power is among the cleanest sources of energy available producing no emissions that contribute to air pollution or greenhouse gas. Certified low-impact waterpower or hydropower meets a range of environmental criteria including the protection of indigenous species and local habitats.

"At Bartlett Lodge, we have always strived to demonstrate our respect for the environment in our daily decisions and practices. Choosing to support renewable power by switching to Bullfrog Power is a natural next step for us, and we're pleased to be a part of this growing community." states Bartlett Lodge owner and operator Kim Smith.

With their move to green power, Bartlett Lodge has taken real action in not only preserving the natural beauty of Algonquin Park but in helping to improve air quality and protect the environment for all. With their investment in clean and renewable power, they have demonstrated their commitment to conservation and their pledge to keep Algonquin Park unspoiled for generations to come.

August 2013-for the fifth time, Bartlett Lodge has been voted Muskoka's Best Accommodation and Resort Lodge
Bartlett Lodge, a Muskoka Ontario landmark for almost a century, has for the third consecutive year been voted the best resort and lodge in the very popular and prestigious Muskoka Lakes tourist region of Central Ontario.

Algonquin Park, Ontario - The Muskoka Lakes district is an area of unparalleled beauty. For generations, it has been the preferred summer cottage and vacation destination for the large urban populations of southern Ontario and the northern states. Muskoka is famous for its marvellous scenery, its many beautiful meandering lakes with countless islands and breath-taking granite outcropping. Muskoka is, however, every bit as famous for its staggeringly expensive real estate, magnificent private cottages and massive high end resort complexes. This is why it may be surprising to learn that, in an area with a reputation for high end extravagance, a small and very traditional Muskoka resort has once again been voted best resort and lodge in Muskoka.

We are pleased that once again the Readers of The Muskokan, Muskoka's most widely read publication, have voted Bartlett Lodge their favourite resort. Accessible only by water, Bartlett Lodge is a seasonal cottage resort located on Cache Lake, in the heart of Algonquin Park. Algonquin Park is a world renowned wilderness paradise and for many; a trip to Ontario is not complete without a visit to The Park. There are very few resorts in Algonquin Park and Bartlett Lodge is the oldest resort in operation inside its boundaries.

Over the last few years, Bartlett Lodge has been lovingly restored by owners Kim and Marilyn Smith. Their renovations reflect a great deal of careful planning that combines preserving the past and meeting the needs of today's vacationers. In order to bring the resort into the twenty-first century, they added the most necessary modern conveniences. To preserve the past and protect the future, they have introduced many state-of-the-art energy saving and eco-friendly upgrades and practises. The Bartlett Lodge dining room, which has been popular since the lodge reopened, has a well-earned reputation and is a Cottage Country favourite. The dining room features an exceptional new 4 course menu and every night in the summer it is filled with resort guests and diners who arrive by water taxi.

"When we decided to restore Bartlett Lodge twelve years ago, we thought it would be fun to bring this neglected log cabin resort back to the way it looked when it was originally opened in 1917. At the time, we had no idea how popular the resort would become. The public's response has been really gratifying. People truly appreciate the way we have preserved a piece of Algonquin history. Probably even more important, we have taken major steps to insure that our environment is protected so that Bartlett Lodge will remain a jewel in the wilderness for years to come," states Bartlett Lodge owner, Kim Smith. "We are very pleased that our guests enjoy themselves. We must also thank our staff for doing a superb job of building this place and its reputation," adds co-owner Marilyn Smith.

As a result of the Smith's efforts, guests to Bartlett Lodge can expect to enjoy a traditional and relaxing Muskoka resort holiday that includes a high standard of quality and service in a pristine wilderness environment. An experience that reflects Muskoka vacations of the past. Judging by the lodge's popularity, Bartlett Lodge is providing exactly what many are looking for in an Ontario resort holiday.