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New Ideas

Visit The Artist's Inspiration in our Tom Thomson experience.


Get Closer

Float across the water into a world that brings you so close to nature, cultures and art that you can feel it all breathe as one.

The Wilds

Close enough to hear a wolf pant. Or a tree whisper.

Nature has a voice. It’s a language humans understand intuitively. When a wolf howls, your neck hair stands on end. When a tree moves in a summer breeze, you can’t help but hear the history it sings. When you explore nature up close, you’re in Algonquin’s wilds – steps from the comfort of your porch at Bartlett Lodge.


a hand picking wild mushrooms off a sun dappled mossy log

vintage algonquin park poster framed in wood and hanging on a cream coloured wood paneled wall
Algonquin DNA

Start 8,000 years before the Europeans arrived.

Whether you’re curious about very old and unique geology or can imagine Canada’s Indigenous peoples paddling these 2,400 lakes for generations, so much of Algonquin’s DNA precedes European ‘discovery’. Experience the legacy they created; travel by canoe or kayak, hike backwoods trails, push yourself just a little and be Algonquin.

Explore Algonquin DNA

The Arts

Travel the very hills that inspired the Group of Seven.

Algonquin’s unique mix of rock, coniferous and deciduous trees and landscapes rippled with streams, rivers and lakes is the canvas of Canada’s impressionist legacy. Discover Group of Seven haunts and perspectives or explore more recent backdrops of other famed Canadian painters. Even better – bring your brushes.


an open book in a woman

Man standing on a rocking outcrop above a beautiful Algonquin park lake
Guided Tours

Experience what being here truly means. 

Become apart of history in the making as you travel through the stories of Bartlett Lodge and Algonquin Park and learn what has changed in the past 100 years; visualize as you enjoy the experience of being here adding to the unique story of Bartlett Lodge.


Be Comfortable

Even your hiking boots deserve back woods luxury.

Think of Bartlett Lodge as an oasis of comfort in a naturally wondrous environment. For you, that might mean a lake-view deck and perfect reading chair; it might be a welcoming nap on an inviting king-size bed after a day’s easy paddle. Regardless of your wants and needs, Bartlett’s 16 log cabins and room configurations define luxury in nature.


Eat Well

By water taxi or footpath, five stars under the stars.

You could rehydrate dried beans and go all backwoods adventurer. But why? When you can have hazelnut gnudi ricotta dumplings in king oyster mushroom cream sauce and pan-seared duck breast, roasted broccoli, muhammara and feta. Menus change frequently – included with your plan or guests from the mainland always welcome.


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