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Half Day Hiking Trails to Inspire Your Inner Naturalist

close up of bright green moss growing on a log with tiny mushrooms

Casual strolls become hikes when you engage in the nature and vistas around you. It’s about the journey, not the destination, though when hiking in Algonquin most of the destinations are remarkable too. Here are a few hikes to consider starting with the easiest. Be sure to speak with a park guide or your hosts at a lodge like Bartlett Lodge to determine the best fit for your level of fitness.

Booth’s Rock Trail – 5.1 km loop. Average Difficulty

This is a perfect half-day jaunt for beginners and experienced hikers alike. Starting just south of the Rock Lake Campground office, you’ll hike past two lakes and slowly follow the trail to the top of the name-sake cliff: Booth’s Rock. It’s rigorous but worth it and your reward is an amazing view of Whitefish and Rock Lakes. The trip back is along an abandoned railway trail.

Centennial Ridges Trail – 10 km loop. High Difficulty

Get your heart rate up a little as you follow along two parallel ridges and features amazing park scenery from five different lookouts. To be honest, this will take you longer than a half day and the climbing will test you (as will the lookouts without fences). But if you’re up for it, we promise this is an outstanding adventure and your photo opportunities are spectacular.

Track & Tower Trail: 5.5 km or 7.1 km. Difficulty Varies

To take the short-cut and keep this trail to a half day, pick up Track and Tower Trail near the Cache Lake portage and complete the loop to its summit and back. While the actual tower is long gone now, you’ll see why this vista was chosen for long views. Track and Tower is both a naturalist’s trail and a great walk through the history of Algonquin.

If you’re looking for an Algonquin Park base camp for your hiking adventures, check out the accommodations at Bartlett Lodge. We’ll send you off with well-marked maps and insights on what to look for plus an amazing gourmet packed lunch for your half-way point.

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